The Rütli has been a favourite destination for school trips since 1859, when school children supported the fund-raising appeal that enabled the SSPG to buy the site and prevent it from being built on. The contribution made by the young people to the purchase of the site is explicitly mentioned in the document of 2 July 1860 that bears witness to the transfer of the Rütli by the SSPG to the confederation.

The SSPG intends to make the Rütli even more attractive as a destination for school trips in the future. The Waldstätter Path has been completely renovated the whole way round Lake Lucerne. A teaching aid and an app are available to provide relevant information. From 2016, the “History Trip” will go from the Treib to the Rütli via Seelisberg. Travellers will encounter plenty of interesting facts and attractions along the way.

“School trip of the year”
Every year, the SSPG awards a prize for the “school trip of the year”. Pupils who have visited the Rütli can send us their photos, writings and films about their trip: