The Rütli is a place enveloped in history, folklore, myths and legends.
As the “Cradle of the Confederation” it is synonymous with the freedom and independence of the Forest Cantons of the 14th century, with Schiller’s drama Wilhelm Tell (William Tell) in the 19th century, with the Swiss National Redoubt of World War Two, and with its appropriation by political extremists at the beginning of the third millennium. Thanks to mobile apps, visitors to the Rütli will be able to learn more about the history of this “monument without a monument” in the future. The Rütli should increasingly become a place of national solidarity.
A number of articles provide an insight into the history and tales surrounding the Rütli:

The Rütli Oath © Keystone

The arrival the full Federal Council in 2002 is without doubt one of the high points in the history of Rütli visits

THe Czech president Vaclav Havel @Keystone

the first 1 August address to be given by a woman was delivered by Hildegard Simmen-Schmid, a member of the Cantonal Parliament of Uri. © Keystone

Queen Elizabeth II with Federal Council members Georges-André Chevallaz (l) and Hans Hürlimann (r). © Keystone

Queen Elizabeth II © Keystone

Rütli Rapport © Keystone

Rütli Rapport ©Keystone