Since its foundation in 1810, the SSCG has been promoting social involvement in civil society in Switzerland. Since the United Nations Year of Volunteering in 2001, the SSCG has been carrying out research and promotion activities on volunteering in Switzerland. Volunteering is both the source and the fruit of a supportive society. Many socially necessary services, which were previously provided by the family and increasingly by the State, can only be guaranteed and financed in the long term through voluntary work.

The SSCG promotes volunteering in several areas:

  • Every 4 years, the SSCG publishes the Swiss Volunteer Observatory
  • The SSCG supports research projects in the field of Voluntary Work.
  • The SSCG regularly publishes books on Voluntary Work.
  • Every year, the SSCG organizes a symposium on topics in the field of Voluntary Work
  • The SSCG-program “Job Caddie” works with more than 100 volunteer tutors who help young people to integrate into the world of work.
    The SSCG supports organizations and projects that have a high proportion of Voluntary Work.
  • In 2019, the SSCG will launch the “local-engagement” project to promote Voluntary Work at the local level.
  • The SSCG supports the development of the digital application “Five up” where volunteers and individuals, groups, projects and organizations that offer volunteer opportunities meet.
  • The SSCG is involved in the Swiss Volunteer Network which organizes an annual conference on Voluntary Work.

Make a smart donation

With your donation, the SSCG supports individuals and families affected by poverty.

With your bequest, the SSCG promotes voluntary work and social cohesion in its own and third-party projects.

With your personal fund at the SSCG, you can support a project that is particularly important to you in the long term.

You can also specify that the SSCG invests your fund only in certain sustainable products and that the SSCG uses only the profits or uses the fund for social causes within a certain period of time.

We will be happy to advise you personally.

Thank you in advance!
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