You can maintain contact with the SSCG in many different ways.
You can keep track of current SSCG projects and topics here on the website or via the online newsletter. You can become a member and personally influence the SSCG’s activities at the AGM. You can volunteer your time for an SSCG committee or project. You can support SSCG projects and provide aid on an individual, case-by-case basis via donations or legacies. Or you can share your ideas and opinions with the SSCG on topics related to charity and volunteer work.

  • Get involved with or for the SSCG – become a club member
  • Become a mentor for young people with Job Caddie
  • Engage in a role exchange with SeitenWechsel: combine social commitment with improvement of your leadership and social skills
  • Start your own Generation project
  • Become a partner of the Volunteer Monitor, enquiries to:

Order the Newsletter of the SSCG
The SSCG sends a newsletter to your e-mail address 3 or 4 times a year. The newsletter informs on the one hand about the projects of the SSCG. With the newsletter you will also receive the link to the annual report or information about events such as the Federal Celebration on the Rütli or the AGM of the SSCG Association. In addition, the newsletter publishes reports and studies on the core topics of the SSCG, especially on social cohesion and volunteer work. Of course, you can unsubscribe from the newsletter at any time.


four to six times per year by email

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Donations and legacies

The SSCG uses your donation or legacy to assist people and families affected by poverty and support projects for social cohesion and voluntary work: donations and legacies