SeitenWechsel (Role Exchange), an SSCG programme, offers further training in the field of personal development for managers from the private sector. Participants work for a week in a social institution of their choice. SeitenWechsel connects two different worlds, contributing to mutual understanding and cohesion in society.

With SeitenWechsel, managers and interested parties immerse themselves in the everyday life of a social institution for a week. In a unique context, they develop their social and leadership skills while improving their stress and conflict management capabilities. SeitenWechsel raises awareness of social issues and encourages people to volunteer.

The SSCG launched the project in 1994 as part of Switzerland’s 700th anniversary and is active throughout Switzerland.

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Manuela Steiner-Marthy

Executive Head Liechtenstein, Academy Foundation

Manuela Steiner-Marthy

Executive Head Liechtenstein, Academy Foundation

«Giving individuals a different perspective on life's realities - particularly in our environment - helps them keep their feet on the ground.»

Team SeitenWechsel

GS RK 308x230px

Renata Kubova

Deputy Director, Project manager of SeitenWechsel

Valerie 3 1920x981

Valerie Brockhaus

Substitute Programme Management SeitenWechsel

308x230 Kolay Monika Def

Monika Kolaj

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