Do you care about the future and would you like to make a difference even after your passing? A valuable gesture is to consider the SSCG in your will or to leave us a legacy. We look forward to hearing from you.

Do you wish to support the activities of the SSCG with a donation? Please send your gift to the following account: IBAN CH79 0070 0114 8067 3563 7

Every year, the SSCG has at its disposal more than one million Swiss francs to support social projects as well as countless people affected by poverty. This is because generous people have entrusted their money to the SSCG.

Your will counts: the most important items in brief

On the «Dein Adieu» platform, you will find all relevant information along with answers to the most important questions to assist you in organising your bequest carefully and correctly:

  • This free will template helps you to calculate the compulsory portion and contains example text for a will.
  • Your will must be handwritten, dated and signed by you.
  • Deposit your will in a place at home where it is easy to find, with the local authorities, at the estate office, or with a notary.

Do you have any questions? You can arrange an appointment for a free initial consultation about matters to do with inheritance law on the “Dein Adieu” platform.

Donations and legacies

The SSCG uses your donation or legacy to assist people and families affected by poverty and support projects for social cohesion and voluntary work: donations and legacies