Each year, the SSCG can support countless people affected by poverty and social projects with more than one million Swiss francs because generous people have entrusted their money to SSCG.

The SSCG would sincerely like to thank all these donors. Interested parties can set up a personal fund with the SSCG during their lifetime or with a legacy, with which SSCG can provide long-term support a specific purpose.

The SSCG does not want to compete with aid agencies with fundraising campaigns and begging letters. The SSCG focuses its resources on its projects and hopes that SSCG’s activities will motivate someone to make financial resources available to SSCG for this purpose. A list of donors, legatees, and supporters can be found in the SSCG Annual Report.

The SSCG’s use of Funds

The SSCG uses its financial resources annually for the following programs and projects:

  • 750,000 CHF for third-party projects that promote social cohesion and volunteerism.
  • 600,000 CHF for families and people affected by poverty
  • 400,000 CHF for the promotion of social cohesion (including Think-and-Do-Tank)
  • 400,000 CHF for research and promotion of volunteering (including the Swiss Volunteer Observatory and the annual conference)
  • 350,000 CHF for the Job Caddie program (mentoring program for young adults entering the workforce)
  • 300,000 CHF for the Intergeneration program (platform for projects that connect the generations)
  • 200,000 CHF for the maintenance of the Rütli and the federal celebration of August 1 on the Rütli
  • 150,000 CHF for the SeitenWechsel program (5 days of continuing education for managers of social institutions)
  • 20,000 CHF for the project of a new text for the Swiss national anthem

List of donors

Make a smart donation

With your donation, the SSCG supports individuals and families affected by poverty.

With your bequest, the SSCG promotes voluntary work and social cohesion in its own and third-party projects.

With your personal fund at the SSCG, you can support a project that is particularly important to you in the long term.

You can also specify that the SSCG invests your fund only in certain sustainable products and that the SSCG uses only the profits or uses the fund for social causes within a certain period of time.

We will be happy to advise you personally.

Thank you in advance!
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