The Swiss Society for the Common Good (SSCG) was founded in 1810.

The SSCG is committed to the social cohesion in Switzerland.

The SSCG researches and promotes voluntary work in Switzerland.

The SSCG donated the Rütli to the Swiss Confederation in 1860, has administered it ever since and organizes the federal celebration there on 1 August each year.

The SSCG supports people and families affected by poverty in Switzerland.

The SXCG promotes organizations and projects that serve social cohesion and voluntary work.

With its “Intergeneration” program, the SSCG promotes relations between the generations.

With its “SeitenWechsel” program, the SSCG promotes social responsibility and corporate citizenship in companies.

With its “Job Caddie” program, the SSCG promotes the integration of young adults into the world of work through voluntary mentors.

The SSCG administers foundations and funds and uses their resources accordingly.

The SSCG strengthens Switzerland’s core values with a new text for the national anthem.