Elisabeth Baume-Schneider

Member of the Executive Committee of the SSCG, State Councillor of Canton Jura

Elisabeth Baume-Schneider

Member of the Executive Committee of the SSCG, State Councillor of Canton Jura

Like other associations or national bodies, the discussions held within the framework of the SSCG Committee highlight the challenges to be met in order to truly take on a mission on the scale of all the linguistic regions. Our specific cultural and professional backgrounds and references, as well as our networks, our life experiences and our questions, show a common desire to position the SSCG as a recognized partner that shares a fertile expertise in the field of volunteerism and commitment to the values of social cohesion.

Commissions and Delegations of the Swiss Charitable Society 31 December 2020 (term of office 2019-2023)

SSCG committees

Central Commission and Executive Committee
Nicola Forster, President, Zurich (since 2020)
Cornelia Hürzeler, Vice-President, Zurich (since 10.6.2021)
Franz Hofer, Vice-President, Obergoldbach (since 10.6.2021)
Elisabeth Baume-Schneider, Les Breuleux / JU (since 2016)
Nikki Joy Böhler, Stallikon (since 10.6.2021)
Martin Hofer, Zurich  (since 2008)
Jürg Kallay, Küsnacht (since 10.6.2021)
Deborah Küttemann, Lausanne VD (since 2018)

Commissions and Working Groups of the Executive Board

Finance Committee
Jürg Kallay (President), Zürich (since 10.09.2021)
Nicola Forster, Zurich (since 10.09.2021)
Nikki Joy Böhler, Stallikon (since 01.08.2022)

SSCG team
All info under SSCG Team

Research Voluntary Commission
Peter Farago, Prof. Dr. (President), Zurich (since 2002)
Elisabeth Baume Schneider, Les Breuleux JU (since 10.09.2021)
Jeannette Behringer, Dr., Zurich (since 2007)
Sandro Cattacin, Prof. Dr., Genf (since 2002)
Cornelia Hürzeler, Zurich (since 2014)
Dr. Markus Lamprecht, Zurich (since 2007)
Nicole Schöbi, BFS, Neuchâtel (since 2021)
Paola Solcà, Manno (since 11.03.2021)
Prof. Dr. Christian Staerklé, Lausanne VD (since 2016)
Prof. Dr. Muriel Surdez, Fribourg (since 2015)

Personnel Committee
Nicola Forster, Zurich (since 10.09.2021)
Franz Hofer, Bern (since 10.09.2021)
Deborah Küttemann, Lausanne VD (since 10.09.2021)
Renata Kubova, Zurich (since 10.09.2021)

Awards Committee
Monika Blau, Hausen AG (since septembre 2020)
Nikki Joy Böhler, Stallikon (since 2019)
Cornelia Hürzeler, Zürich (since 2019)
Peter Haerle, Zurich (since 2022)

Foundations administered by SSCG

Dr. Ruth Ludwig-Hagemann, President, Basel (since 2015)
Oskar Sidler, Oberengstringen ZH (since 1980)
Lukas Niederberger, Rigi-Klösterli (SZ)

Ludwig-Hagemann Ruth, Dr., Präsidentin, Basel (since 2017)
Thalmann Barbara, Uster ZH (since 2019)
Niederberger Lukas, Rigi-Klösterli (SZ)

Hans und Hulda Klinger-Stiftung
Ludwig-Hagemann Ruth, Dr., President, Basel (since 2015)
Thalmann Barbara, Uster ZH (since 2015)
Niederberger Lukas, Rigi-Klösterli (SZ)

Foundation whose entire Board of Trustees is elected by the SSCG
Paul-Schiller-Stiftung, Zürich

Boards of Trustees partly elected by the SSCG

Management Committee  of the Foundation fondssuisse, Bern
Board of Trustees of the Foundation Pro Senectute Schweiz, Zurich
Board of Trustees of the Foundation Hohlen Gasse in Küssnacht SZ
Board of Trustees of the Foundation ZEWO, Zurich


SGG Statuten (PDF, German)

Statuts SSUP (PDF, French)