A special “class reunion”

In 2013, it was important to the new management of the SSCG to share the SSCG’s knowledge in the field of volunteering with other organizations and to have a lively exchange with the other actors in Switzerland. Thus, the idea of a conference on current topics in volunteering was born. Many of the 150-200 guests have been coming to the annual SSCG conference since 2015. At the conference, people meet who do research on volunteer work or who coordinate and accompany volunteers in organizations and institutions. Because you see some faces again at every conference, the atmosphere is often as familiar as at a class reunion.

In the following folders there are detailed reports about the annual conferences. The topics of the conferences were:

  • 2022: Commitment for the over-65s
  • 2021: Trisectoral promotion of local volunteering by the state, civil society and business.
  • 2020: Volunteer management and volunteer coordination.
  • 2019: Informal volunteering and neighborhood support outside organizations and associations
  • 2018: The role and importance of civil society in France, Germany and Switzerland
  • 2017: The changing nature of Community spirit and Common Sense
  • 2016: The potential of the not-yet-volunteers
  • 2015: How fit is the social cement? Volunteering and social cohesion

Donations and legacies

The SSCG uses your donation or legacy to assist people and families affected by poverty and support projects for social cohesion and voluntary work: donations and legacies