The Swiss Society for the Common Good (SSCG) is the organization behind Job Caddie and finances the program.

Easing (re-)entry into the world of work
In 2008, the SSCG launched the “Job Caddie” mentoring project to help young adults overcome difficulties during and after their apprenticeships. Job Caddie advises young adults and provides them with a suitable mentor: volunteers who are usually in the same industry as the young people in question.

Job Caddie liaises with various official bodies in the canton of Zurich, mainly the Mittelschul- und Berufsbildungsamt (Secondary School and Vocational Training Office), MBA. Job Caddie has a closely-knit network with other private providers of support services for young people and young adults. It means that, where necessary, we can recommend other more specialized bodies to them.
Job Caddie’s track record is encouraging: around 75% of the young people and young adults who approach Job Caddie for help successfully take the next step in their professional lives. Further information:

Coming of age

The SSCG launched the Job Caddie mentoring programme as a pilot project in the Zurich region ten years ago. Local management, combined with posters in trams and buses, generated a flood of enquiries about the free counselling service for “apprentices with difficulties or young people looking for a job after completing an apprenticeship”. At the time, Job Caddie was the only project in Switzerland that provided young adults between the ages of 16 and 25 with mentorship when they had problems with their apprenticeships or entering the world of work. The unique thing about Job Caddie is that to this day, the young adults voluntarily request counselling and support. Apart from the Zurich region, Job Caddie has also gained a foothold in Zug and the Berne region and is currently putting out feelers in eastern and western Switzerland. The former pilot project has quite definitely outgrown its infancy. In the Zurich area alone, Job Caddie now receives over 400 enquiries a year. The mentoring process has many advantages: It promotes voluntary, intergenerational commitment and equal opportunities in society. It enables mentees and mentors alike to engage in a process of give-and-take. If young adults can be integrated into the world of work, it also reduces long-term follow-up costs. State bodies have now also realized that Job Caddie brings social and economic benefits. Since the beginning of 2019 and for at least two years, the City of Zurich has pledged a considerable sum to young people in Zurich who use Job Caddie’s services. Job Caddie celebrated its tenth birthday by formally extending its thanks to all participants. These included the Zurich Job Caddie team for its untiring efforts, the SSCG boards for their strategic and financial support, the mentors for their voluntary commitment and the mentees for their trust and confidence in the scheme. Not to be forgotten either are the many official and expert bodies, schools, trainee centres and media who over the past ten years have generated awareness of the mentorship programme among young people. Although Job Caddie is now puberty, it will always remain closely connected to its mother, the SSCG. At the same time, the SSCG welcomes the fact that the mentoring programme has links with other state, economic and social organizations that enable it to exist sustainably.

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