Stand with us for social cohesion in Switzerland and for voluntary work

As a member of the SSCG, you become part of the SSCG family and one of the oldest civil society organisations in Switzerland. Co-write the pioneering stories of tomorrow. Your membership strengthens the SSCG in its work for social cohesion and promoting voluntary work. Your contribution makes it possible to support people affected by poverty through individual assistance and project funding for third parties. As a member, you can take part in SSCG events, become actively involved and strengthen your network in Swiss civil society.

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Advantages to you as an SSCG member:

  • You gain access to a unique civil society network and meet people and organisations who are also interested in public benefit issues.
  • You become part of the SSCG family and thus part of a Swiss pioneering organisation.
  • You take part in the SSCG conferences on volunteering free of charge.
  • You are invited to the annual general meeting and to the supporting programme (aperitifs and dinner as well as programme and lunch on the following day).
  • You receive the SSCG annual report in paper form by post.


Individual member (annual): for an annual fee of CHF 100, you are a full member of the SSCG and have one (1) vote at the general meeting.

Individual member (lifelong): you pay a one-off fee of CHF 2,500, which gives you full lifelong membership of the SSCG. You have one (1) vote at the general meeting.

Collective member: as an organisation or institution, you can become a collective member of the SSCG for an annual fee of CHF 250. This gives you one (1) vote at the general meeting.

Collective member of a society for the common good (non-profit society membership): societies for the common good can become special collective members of the SSCG. You then have votes according to the size of your organisation.

Become a member now. Complete the form below to start the registration procedure. According to the statutes, the Executive Committee decides on the admission of new members. Your application will be decided at the next ordinary meeting of the Executive Committee. The Board meets every three to four months. We therefore thank you for your patience.


If you would like to support the SSCG and its activities but not with the specified fee, we look forward to welcoming you as a donor. This means you will receive a letter every year with information on the activities of the SSCG. You may choose your own solidarity contribution. Please refer to the information under Donations and Legacies.

Become a member: complete the following fields

  • annual fee
    Individual membership: CHF 100.00
    Collective Membership: CHF 250.00
    Life Member CHF 2'500.00

Donations and legacies

The SSCG uses your donation or legacy to assist people and families affected by poverty and support projects for social cohesion and voluntary work: donations and legacies