Got a special birthday coming up?
Is your company or team celebrating an anniversary?
Are you planning a special outing for your organization?
Are you looking for a unique setting for a concert?

Then the Rütli is the perfect place.

During the daytime the Rütli can be reached by passenger boat from Brunnen, Lucerne and Flüelen. And there are many private boat hire companies operating in the evenings.

If you want to visit the Rütli with a group of more than 50 people, or would like to use the Rütli for specific purposes (e.g. sports or cultural activities or filming) you will need a permit. You are advised to check with the SSPG to confirm that your planned date is available.

Rules of use

Then complete the Application

If the response is positive, please get in touch with the Rütli tenant:

Special occasions

The Rütli is ideally suitable if you’re looking for a very special place to hold a wedding reception, or to celebrate your retirement in style, or to celebrate the memory of a loved one.

For further details please contact the SSCG: