22. April 2022

Annual Report 2021: SSCG in a state of constant flux

SSCG’s Annual Report 2021 provides a small mosaic of recent history. At several places in the Report, we document the impact of the Covid pandemic on SSCG and its projects. A prominent feature during the second year of Covid was the establishment of the “Pro Futuris” think-and-do tank, which promotes a culture of constructive dialogue, increased political participation, and future-oriented narratives.

In the Annual Report, you will also find feedback on all SSCG programs and highlights from the SSCG year:

  • Where should SSCG be in 2030? The Executive Committee is currently defining SSCG strategy.
  • Central Commission transformed into a network: Foundation of the “Swiss Network for the Common Good”. For more information, see “Non-profit societies (in German)“.
  • Appeal #LoveSwitzerland: More than 35,000 people sign the SSCG call for more dialogue and cohesion during the Corona pandemic. More on the call in this contribution (in German).
  • NGOs avoid political punishment: In an open letter, the SSCG and its partners defended themselves against restrictions on the diversity of opinion. Read more in this contribution
  • Changes in the Executive Committee and head office: New faces appear on the SSCG landscape.

The entire Annual Report and Financial Statements can be downloaded here, but are available only in German and French: