7. February 2022

Voluntary work 2020: 4.1 hours per week

The Federal Statistical Office’s leaflet “Volunteer Work in Switzerland 2020” shows that in 2020, about 1.2 million people performed unpaid work as part of organizations, associations or public institutions. About 2.3 million took on informal, unpaid work such as helping neighbours, caring for children, providing services, or caring for relatives and acquaintances who do not live in the same household. Volunteers dedicated an average of 4.1 hours per week to their commitments. And there is potential for further recruitment.

The leaflet is based on the SSCG Volunteer Monitor and data from the Swiss Labour Force Survey (SLFS). Together with figures on involvement in institutionalized and informal voluntary work among the permanent resident population aged 15 and older, it presents further information on motivation and recruitment potential. It was published by the Swiss Federal Statistical Office in cooperation with the Swiss Society for the Common Good and can be downloaded or ordered free of charge.

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