19. July 2021

A national network will be born

In addition to the Swiss Society for Common Good (SSCG), independent Societies for Common Good (SCG) have been created in almost all cantons. In Switzerland, there are more than 50 organizations that call themselves “Societies for Common Good” (SCG): 20 cantonal SCG, 34 district or municipal SCG, and the SCG of Swiss Women. The first SCG were founded 250 years ago, and many of them are currently celebrating their 200th anniversary. The SSCG works closely with the cantonal, regional and local SCG. Historically, the cantonal and regional Societies have developed independently and have taken different forms.

In 2020, the project of a “Swiss Network of Societies for Common Good” (SNSCG) emerged to strengthen the exchange and cooperation between the SCG. On August 25, 2021, the network will celebrate its launch in Zurich.

The objectives and tasks of the network are as follows:

  • Conferences on public utility issues;
  • Joint website with contact information and short profiles of the SCG;
  • Joint online newsletter on SCG issues;
  • Information exchange between SCG operational staff on topics such as individual support, marketing, fundraising, membership recruitment, etc.
  • Bilateral promotion of joint projects;
  • Joint promotion of third-party projects;
  • Creating links with other actors in civil society, government and business.