30. March 2022

Pro Futuris is the new think + do tank created by the SSCG

We need democracy. Democracy needs us!

The pandemic has opened up deep rifts in our society. All over the world, democracy is facing stiff headwinds. Pro Futuris is calling on the public to step up and commit to improving our democracy.

How Pro Futuris works:

  1. Analyze
    Identifying challenges: Which dynamics undermine societal cohesion? How can we improve participation and inclusion?
  2. Debate
    Making sense: How can we collectively make sense of our respective perceptions, hopes and priorities?
  3. Experiment
    Exploring ideas: How can we explore alternative futures in small-scale experiments?
  4. Initiate
    Building alliances: Which change do we want to promote together?

Find more information about the Think + Do Tank on profuturis.ch.