3. November 2020

The general assembly of the SSCG will be held in writing this year

This year’s general Assembly of SSCG members will be held in writing. The Council and the Central Commission of the SSCG regret this decision. Not only because the GA offers the opportunity for many stimulating encounters, but also because this year, in addition to the usual items on the official agenda, two important topics are to be decided.

After Jean-Daniel Gerber announced his resignation as president of the SSCG at last year’s GA, the candidacy for the presidency was publicly announced for the first time in the history of the SSCG. The Committee and the Central Commission of the SSCG agreed, without dissenting votes, on a person to be proposed for election to the approximately 800 members of the SSCG. In addition, the Council and the Central Commission are proposing a revision of the statutes in order to streamline the strategic management of the SSCG. As of the 2021 General Assembly, there will be only one strategic management body instead of two (Central Commission and Committee), whose members will be elected by the members of the SSCG – hopefully with a physical presence – in Altdorf on 10 June 2021.