19. July 2021

General Assembly: New executive board elected

272 of the 750 members participated in the written GA. The continuation of the GA, with the president and the Recording Secretary, took place on June 10 at the SSCG headquarters. The SSCG closed its financial year 2020 with a surplus of half a million Swiss francs on expenses of about 3.5 million francs and a financial profit of about 4 million. The annual accounts were approved. The Executive Board, the other members of the Central Commission and the management of the SSCG were discharged overall. After the GA 2020 approved the dissolution of the former Executive Board as part of the Central Commission as well as the dissolution of the Central Commission, the following persons were elected to the new Executive Board of the SSCG for a four-year term of office: Elisabeth Baume-Schneider (previously), Heidi Gstöhl (previously), Rolf Hänni (previously), Martin Hofer (previously), Deborah Küttemann (previously), Nikki Böhler (newly elected), Franz Hofer (newly elected), Cornelia Hürzeler (newly elected) and Jürg Kallay (newly elected). The auditors of PricewaterhouseCoopers were elected for a further year. Finally, the General Assembly appointed Jean-Daniel Gerber (former president) and Heinz Altorfer (former vice president) as honorary members of the SSCG. Our congratulations to all those who were elected and nominated.