30. March 2021

Federal celebration on the Rütli: Women celebrate 50 years of democracy

The SSCG always invites people to the Rütli on August 1 to celebrate the Confederation. Since 2011, the SGG has organized the celebration together with significant charitable organizations. Last year 2020, it was planned to hold the celebration with the Swiss Wrestling Federation. As a result of the Corona virus, the first Swiss wrestling on the Rütli postponed to August 1, 2022, and Swiss President Sommaruga honored Corona heroes from all 26 cantons as well as from the “Fifth Switzerland.” In 1971, women in Switzerland received the right to vote and to be elected. The 50th anniversary will be celebrated at several events, including on August 1 at the Rütli.

It is not yet known how many people will be able to attend events on August 1. We are therefore preparing for several scenarios. Interested parties who have not already registered through the women’s associations for the federal celebration on the Rütli can register online at www.rütli.ch from 1 June. If the number of participants allowed by the federal government is very limited, unfortunately not all registrations can be considered.