The Swiss Society for the Good (SSCG) presented the Rütli to the Confederation in 1860 and has managed the “Cradle of the Confederation” since then, organising the Federal National Day celebrations on the Rütli on 1 August since 1891.

The SSCG pays for the guests to cross the lake from Brunnen to the Rütli and back. The SSCG arranges a varied cultural program which promotes typical Swiss traditions. The highlight is the official address given by a prominent speaker. The event concludes with the communal singing of the Swiss national anthem in the four official languages of Switzerland.

The SSCG invites the diplomatic representatives of each of the countries accredited in Bern and Geneva to the Federal Day celebration on the Rütli.

You can register for the celebration online on this website from 1 June.

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50 years of women’s voting rights in Switzerland – women celebrate on 1 August 2021 on the Rütli

In 2021, Switzerland will celebrate the 50th anniversary of women’s voting rights. Women’s associations, women’s organisations and women’s groups celebrate this anniversary together on 1 August 2021 at the “Cradle of the Swiss Confederation”.

On 1 August 2022, the planned federal celebration of 2020 with the Federal Association of Swiss Wrestling (FASW) will be made up for.
The federal celebration on 1 August 2020 was cancelled due to the corona pandemic.