19. July 2021

Swiss Volunteering Survey: Possibility for cooperation

Unlike most neighboring countries, Switzerland has no state-supervised volunteering strategy and does not carry out systematic research into voluntary work. The SSCG, therefore, decided in 2002 to conduct a broad-sweeping survey on the status quo of voluntary commitment in Switzerland and thus create a well-documented source of information for research into the country’s volunteering efforts. Following studies in 2007, 2010, 2016 and 2020, the SSCG plans to carry out a fifth research project into the status of voluntary work in Switzerland and publish it in the Swiss Volunteering Survey 2025. Associations, foundations, relief organizations and governmental institutions have the opportunity to participate in the development of the Survey as co-sponsors or partners.


    • Co-sponsors can participate in the steering group and accompany the entire Survey process;
    • Co-sponsors have all the rights of Survey partners;
    • Co-Sponsors contribute at least CHF 20,000 per year during the production time (2021-2025).


      • Survey partners contribute thematic priorities and specific questions to the planned Survey;
      • Partners contribute to the development of the question catalog;
      • Partners are listed by name in the publication of the Survey;
      • Partners receive privileged documents for strategic planning in the field of volunteering;
      • Partners receive a dozen factsheets on the Survey in PowerPoint format to integrate into their own organization’s presentations;
      • Partners receive a complimentary invitation to the annual SSCG conference on volunteerism;
      • Partners make an annual indicative contribution of CHF 1,500 during the production time (2021-2025) and receive individual discounts according to their financial possibilities.

Registration and further information: lukas.niederberger@sgg-SSCG.ch