GS LN 308x230px

Lukas Niederberger

Director SSCG

GS CE 308x230px

Christa Erb

Head of Administration

GS H 308x230px

Helene Hofer



Gabrielle Ballmer

Individual help French/Italian


Claudia Staub

Assistant Communication / Project Team Hymne

GS AR 308x230px

Andrea Ruckstuhl

Project manager of Job Caddie Switzerland / Zurich

308x230 Stephanie

Stephanie Schuhmacher

Programme Employee of Job Caddie Zurich

GS JS 308x230px

Jacqueline Schärli

Project manager of SeitenWechsel and Job Caddie Zurich

GS RK 308x230px

Renata Kubova

Project manager of SeitenWechsel

GS TJ 308x230px

Tamara Jucker

Administration SeitenWechsel/SGG Individual Case Help German

Xenia Decasper308x230

Xenia Decasper

Commercial learner

GS MB 308x230px

Monika Blau

Project manager of Intergeneration

GS R 308x230px

Ruedi Schneider

Project Manager of Intergeneration and engagement-local

Swiss society of common good SSCG

Schaffhauserstrasse 7
8042 Zürich

T 044 366 50 30
F 044 366 50 31
PC 80-8980-9
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